Get vCenter IP from ESXi Host

This is a Quick note to identify the vCenter IP from ESXi interaction.

Docker Intro and CLI QuickRef

Containerazation in general is bringing new possibilities to IT Services landscape. Process isolation, cgroups and lxc technologies have paved way for emerging vendor tools like Docker,Rocket and others to provide easy interfaces and packaged delivery of services. Containers can be used to rapidly deploy many isolated applications with a notion of running single application per container on any given docker host.

Linux Terminal in a Web Browser

The other day I was looking to access my home lab securely from any location without installing VPN’s or other network tunneling hassle. I was interested if I could get a fully capable terminal from a web-browser over SSL. While Guacamole served my purpose to access remote servers via RDP and SSH over a web browser, I am not quite satisfied with how the terminal rendered.

RDP, SSH and VNC in Web Browser

Guacamole is a great tool to access RDP, SSH and VNC Connections on your LAN via HTML5 compatible browsers.